We scour the planet looking for watches special enough that we’d want to wear them and even better, that we’d like to see our friends wear.

The watches are then sent off to our watchmakers to be serviced, because we want you to have a watch that works properly, of course. This isn’t as simple as it might sound–not all watchmakers are created equal. Some have great expertise in, say, 1950s pre-quartz electric watches, and so this means sourcing the right person and waiting patiently in line. Of course we have our regular watchmaker close at hand, but some of the watches you’re looking at here have had to travel many thousands of miles to meet our standards.

From time to time, it’s necessary to restore a watch we’ve found. That can mean hunting down incredibly obscure parts, searches that can take months of diligent work, emails and phone calls to and parts supply houses in all corners of the globe.

Sometimes, too, we feel we have to have a dial refinished; it’s a process we only undertake when we feel the face is just too damaged. Because we know how important it is to people that their watch is as authentic as possible, we take great care to respect the original integrity of the design and finish. Once again, it can take months to find just the right craftsman to undertake a dial restoration accurate enough for us, and in turn for you. But we prefer to leave dials alone if we can, and always note a dial restoration in our descriptions, just so you’ll know.

Our buying philosophy is highly personal: we only buy watches that speak to our heart. Really. Please don't tell our bank manager. For that reason alone, you’ll see that we’ve steered clear of some famous brands and styles. We confess: there are few watches that don’t appeal to us, but on the other hand, we’re happy to leave certain ones to those with their own particular passions.

We hope that you find something that interests you here. Let us know if you’re looking for something in particular and chances are we can help you find it.

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