All our watches are guaranteed for 3 months. We sincerely hope that you cherish them as much as we do and treat them with the appropriate care we feel they deserve. Should the timepiece develop a fault during this period, we’ll repair the item. In the event that a repair is not be possible—we’ll do our best, but we may be unable to source replacement parts, for example—then we’ll offer you a credit or refund. You, the purchaser, will be responsible for the costs and safe return of the item for us.

None of our watches—regardless of what the manufacturer marked on the case at the time of production—is water-resistant and any ingress of water will render any guarantee null and void. Simply put: do not swim, shower, or dunk it under water as you’re doing the dishes.

Our items are vintage watches, serviced by highly experienced watchmakers, but mechanical failures can occur and when they do, we promise to repair and return your watch promptly. You can expect one of our watches to keep time to within approximately 2 minutes per day, often better than that. But due to their age and design, we can’t guarantee the precision of their timekeeping, so if you don’t expect quartz watch accuracy, then you won’t be disappointed.

We supply all our watches with carefully sourced NOS vintage or period appropriate straps. It takes a lot of time and effort to hunt these items down, and we hope you like our taste. If not, simply let us know and we'll try and help you out.

Most of the metal bracelets you see on our watches are the original bracelets for that particular watch. Just to be careful, all bracelets and fixings have been ultrasonically cleaned for three passes of five minutes each to ensure the utmost hygiene. Any marks, scuffs or scratches we try to work out, too, so that your bracelet is as close to new as we can get it, without making it look too new.  

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